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See what Jess has been featured in!

MainLine Today

"Kartalija discusses her most memorable interviews, career highs, and what it’s been like to cover tough stories during the pandemic." - MainLine Today

Philly Current

"In Philly, we're family. And that kinship extends to our news anchors, as well. If you have lived in Philadelphia for any amount of time, you surely have gotten to know and fall in love with our affable news dad, Ukee Washington - a television touchstone for so many of us - and his talented sunny Cali girl turned co-host Jessica Kartalija." - Philly Current


"No two days are the same. You're learning something new every single day. My career helped me be a better parent." - Jessica Kartalija featured in MetroKids.

South Jersey Magazine

"We go off camera with CBS3 anchor Jessica Kartalija to find out about her side gigs as an actress, her favorite things about motherhood, and why she steers clear of the kitchen." - South Jersey Magazine.

Philly Style

"Jessica Kartalija, CBS3's newest anchor, is getting to know Philadelphia one coffee house at a time" - Philly Style

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