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  • Jessica Kartalija

Looking Ahead to 2024 with Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel

As we enter a new year, there is so much talk about resolutions and predictions. My dear friend, Erika Gabriel, is who I always turn to when I have questions about things outside of our control. As a Spiritual Medium, she always knows exactly what to say to keep us centered. If you aren’t yet familiar with Erika, be sure to follow her on social media @SpiritualMediumErikaGabriel and listen to her podcast, You Are Not Alone. I promise, you will love every minute.

JK: When did you realize you had this gift?

EG: When I was younger, I started connecting with spirit. I was seven and was seeing a little boy around the house. I told my parents ‘there's a little boy around the house,’ and they later found out a little boy had drowned on the property. My whole journey began there. I had to figure out who I was hearing, who I was talking to. Was I crazy? I clearly had voices in my head, and had to navigate through the spirit world. I had my big bonfire “a-ha!” moment where I met with a Medium and she said 'you know you're a Medium, right?'

JK: When people meet you for the first time, at the kids’ school, or when you met your husband, Jeremy, is it like "so...I see dead people"?!

EG: Generally people are really, really cool, and people who aren’t into it just kind of steer clear of me, and that’s that. I feel like every time I do a reading, I'm like 'this is a miracle, this is amazing.' I still get overwhelmed, I still get shocked by what comes through.

JK: Do you find that people are skeptical?

EG: Sometimes. That’s why I don’t like to just randomly go up to people on the street. People who want to be read are read and it’s a beautiful experience, and my greatest prayer is that it’s a healing experience.

JK: You do readings for celebrities in New York and Hollywood, fashion icons, people all over the world...

EG: I truly believe that spirit guides me toward people I have a message for, so it's really caught on and spread. People tell all their friends about it and it’s been amazing to watch and amazing to experience. I work with a group of spirit guides in spirit and its through them that I do these readings, and they keep me protected and really safe.

JK: You've also been brought in to help solve crimes.

EG: Recently, I worked with a police department and the police sergeant on a 30 year cold case about a woman who disappeared in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

JK: I’d imagine there are times when you say 'I need to unplug,’ or ‘I need to shut it off.’ How do you do that?

EG: Every single day, I take time to practice self care. I drum, I dance, I sage, I meditate, I practice yoga, I walk in nature. It’s important, because when I read for someone, I want to be able to completely give them my whole heart, my whole soul, and give them everything I can.

JK: Does anything scare you?

EG: Scary movies. I hate scary movies, they scare me so badly. I focus so much of my energy on the light, right--loving, healing messages to uplift people. So when I watch scary movies, my mind plays tricks on me and it freaks me out.

JK: What happens after you pass?

EG: That's an awesome question. Your loved one starts to come for you, and starts to help you go to the other side. You are greeted by your loved ones, I call it a reunion, and yes, your animals come. People always ask me that!

JK: Okay, let’s talk 2024... What do we need to know about the year ahead?

EG: In 2023, I shared that the message was about rising to the occasion. In 2024, it’s: The treasure is in YOU.

Instagram: @spiritualmediumerika


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