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  • Jessica Kartalija

Eddie Ross: Finding Beauty in Everything and the Launch of his Newest Line of Luxury Home Hardware

Updated: Jan 17

Eddie Ross transforms everyday spaces into works of art. An expert in decorating, entertaining, cooking, and gardening, Ross has become one of the most well-known creators in the design space.

Now, he's celebrating the launch of The Signet Collection, a line of luxury home hardware, with Modern Matter.

When we met a few years ago, I asked him about his career path...

"I started off being in this creative space, catering, which I didn't know anything about," Ross says, "I was serving at a cocktail party. I will never forget, there was Martha!"

Ross would eventually become a designer at Martha Stewart Living, calling it "the most creative, amazing place that one could ever work," before going to Food Network and House Beautiful. He is also the Co-founder and Chief Content Creator of Maximalist Studios, specializing in environmental photography for the home design and consumer products industries.

He tells me he realized he was passionate about creating when he was in his High School home economics class.

"Everyone would be making scrambled eggs, and I would be whipping up a triple beaten down yeast dough," Ross says, "I knew I wasn't going to be a chemist or a stockbroker. The creative route was my way. I love working with my hands, and I love seeing something that becomes beautiful from nothing, just ingredients."

His biggest challenge, he says, was creating his book, Modern Mix: Curating Personal Style with Chic & Accessible Finds.

"I had so much going on in my head that I wanted to get into one book--gardening, cooking, thrifting, catering, all of it!"

This is Ross's second line with Modern Matter. His debut hardware line, the Edgewood Hall Collection, also shows his passion for restoration and renovation with unique knobs and pulls.

Personally, I can't wait to see what he does next. His following is incredible, and with social media, people are seeing his beautiful work, around the world.

"I love that I can put a picture of a flower arrangement or a photo of gifts I wrap, and everyone gets excited," Ross says, "Beauty is about everything. It's about living your best life day to day."


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