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  • Jessica Kartalija

My Top 5: Holiday Wishlist 2023

The feeling you get when someone you love, opens a present that you put thought and energy into, really is fantastic. They do say it’s better to give than to receive, and while I certainly agree with whoever “they” are... I have seen a few things recently that would fit nicely under our tree on Christmas morning, IMHO.

You know I love supporting women-owned business, and shopping local...

Here are 5 things on my wish list this year.

(*This is not an ad, just a few of my favorites!)

I first met Alana Oates, when I was doing a segment on air that featured cool people with unique story in our region. “Llani” is her childhood nickname. Oates designs slippers and shoes (seen in Anthropologie) that are hand-crafted in India. All of her designs are made in female founded or family-owned factories, where women have strong leadership roles.

My grandmother gave me a cameo bracelet that my grandfather had bought for her on a trip to Italy. Cameos, are so unique, and I love finding them in antique stores—they all look like they want to tell you a story. Marcie McGoldrick is a ceramicist with a studio in Oreland, where she creates a unique line of cameo rings and pendants. Just in time for the holidays, she made these cameo candles. I love all three...

When I got back from our vacation to Maui that turned into a week of wildfire coverage for CBS, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. One of the first calls I made when I got home was to City Hydration to make an appointment for a High Dose Immune Boost IV. After years of working in critical care nursing, Christie D’Arcy, started City Hydration. She now has three locations: Wayne and Philadelphia, PA, and Avalon, NJ. If I could make a standing appointment, I would. It’s the most relaxing experience, and your body (and mind) will thank you.

Every year, my brother gives me an ornament for my tree. It’s become our tradition! I also love giving ornaments as gifts, or picking one up when we are traveling somewhere new. Our tree is filled with happy memories. Sarah Finkel is a local artist, who paints what she calls a “reminder of the best things in life; water, nature and light.” This year, she is hand painting these ornaments, and I think they are just petite and perfect.

I met Laura Evans when she came to support our Savage Sisters fundraiser last summer. Evans and her friend, Kristin Nevins, founded Club & Court in Lower Merion. As friends and teammates, they share a love of tennis and the attire of '70s and '80s tennis icons. So they created a clothing line, that moves gracefully from one activity to the next. They also support Squash Smarts, a nonprofit athletic program in Philadelphia.

I hope you get everything you wish for this holiday!


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