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  • Jessica Kartalija

Tom Verica, Head of Creative Production, Shondaland.

Tom Verica is currently an executive producer for the Netflix drama Bridgerton (filming season 3, now), and Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. He was also an executive producer for the incredibly popular series, "Inventing Anna". After meeting Shonda Rhimes filming Grey's Anatomy, Verica went on to direct episodes of every show Rhimes produced over the next several years.

"This world has really created a lot of opportunity to kind of a blank canvas to explore bolder storytelling, which she has," Verica says of Rhimes, "and the first one out of the gates was was Bridgerton. I think we provided a product that was very entertaining and people really enjoyed and it just exploded. I don't I don't think we were kind of anticipating the kind of response it had."

Verica started performing at a young age at The Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia.

"I was always a fan of movies and acting was something I liked, but there was nowhere in the family or nowhere in my world that was even introduced," Verica says, "So I remember sitting down with my parents and having conversation about saying I think I want to try acting and they both had very different reactions."

As of this month, the WGA and SAG are on strike, which has shut down filming in Hollywood. Fortunately, Bridgerton season 3 wrapped in March, and Netflix has not announced a delay in the fall release of the series.

Pictures courtesy of: @TomVerica


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