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  • Jessica Kartalija

Unveiling the Secrets to Skincare Success: An Exclusive Interview with Danuta Mieloch

Danuta Mieloch is the esthetician and founder of the award-winning Rescue Spa in New York City and Philadelphia. Prior to starting Rescue Spa, Mieloch was a nurse in her native Poland. Fleeing communism, she left Poland to come to America and pursue her dream of helping women feel beautiful. She had just $20 in her pocket.

“I think it’s all about exchanging the love and connection,” Mieloch says, “ in the time of technology, we lose that connection, so we need to pause and say ‘look, things are good. I am here for you,’ and that is important to me.”

Rescue has repeatedly been named among the top spas in Philadelphia and New York. Mieloch says she is incredibly grateful, “After 15 years, I can still remember when I started--I opened my business on the second floor like– Oh, who is going to find us? At our grand opening 15 years ago, we had a full house!”

Mieloch, who recently launched her own product line, Danucera, follows a strict routine of self-care that includes yoga and waking up to water with lemon.

“Allowing that time, and setting that ten minutes of time to take care of your skin, and its not only skin, but you need to drink lemon water and exercise and eat mindfully,” she says, “I practice yoga, and there is this famous saying by Guruji who says, ‘Practice and all is coming.’ I apply this to my skincare, I apply this to my life, and if there are any challenges, keep practicing.”

When you step into Rescue at Rittenhouse, you get a sense of instant relaxation. I asked about her staff of mostly women…

“Exchanging knowledge and experiences with other women in business is really important to me,” Mieloch says, “I tell all my employees--and I've known them for many years. How lucky I am to share their stories and their life and be part of that.”

Mieloch looks to other women as inspiration.

“My role model is Helena Rubenstein,” she says, “she was actually the first businesswoman--ahead of her time, and she was from Poland.”

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